Top 5 Reasons why to get Semi permanent make up

Top 5 Reasons why to get Semi permanent make up
16th July 2017 semipermanent

Top 5 Reasons to get Semi permanent makeup ✅


1: Spend less time in the morning filling in your brows, more time snoozing  ✔️



                                                                    2: Wake up beautiful in front of your partner ✔️  




3: No worries on holiday, at the Gym or swimming (brows/eyeliner sliding down your face) ✔️

4: If you’ve over plucked your brows and now left with sparse, patchy, unsightly gaps ✔️

5: If you have difficulties applying makeup due to poor eyesight or health reasons ✔️

These are just a few reasons why to choose semi permanent make but the list can go on…  For me, it saves time, money and looking half decent doing the school run (I have my brows, eyeliner and lips tattooed!)  so I can get away with a slick of mascara, bronzer and I’m good to go.  

But on a serious note, it can really boost a clients’ confidence if they’ve lost their brows due to Alopecia or having Chemo, suffering from MS or other medical reasons.  It is always a pleasure and makes my job so worthy when I can help these types of customers. Its not always about vanity…

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