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Permanent makeup imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural-looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want.

The effect is achieved in by infusing hypo-allergenic specialist pigments into the dermal layer of your skin, where they remain all day, every day.

The results fade gradually over 2-3 years, with a “colour boost” recommended 15 months after the initial application – to maintain a fresh appearance.

brow enhancements

Unfortunately not all of us have perfect eyebrows that compliment our face and accentuate our eyes.

Conventional make-up such as pencils and powders are great for filling in sparse hair growth and poorly shaped, uneven eyebrows.

However if you are looking for something more permanent then Brow Revival is for you!

Brow Revival gives the effect of ultra thin hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your natural hairs.

lip liner and blusher

Achieving the perfect lip contour and colour is very time consuming and something that has to be repeatedly applied throughout the day.If you are looking for a lip transformation with a long lasting Lip Enhancer that takes the hassle out of appliying lip liner and lip stick then Lip Perfection is the treatment for you!


Eyeliner gives a beautiful smudge resistant finish that looks perfectly applied day after day. It can be applied in choice of looks from a subtle lash definer to an intense shade to accentuate your eyes.